Privacy Policy

This Policy details how personal data are collected, processed and stored when Users access the application Morphin (the "Application"), published by Uraniom, a French limited company registered at the Laval Trade and Company Register under number 793 503 566, whose office is located at 6 rue Leonard de Vinci 53000 Laval - France (hereinafter “Uraniom”).


Words beginning with a capital letter herein have the same meaning as defined in article 1 of the Application’s General Terms and Conditions .


When managing the Accounts and providing the Services, Uraniom acts as data controller within the meaning of Article 4 of the European General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").


The Application lets you insert Photos, or pictures readily available in the Application, inside animated sequences called Animations . If you do not allow Uraniom to access your image, you will not be able to experience all the services offered by the Application.


Uraniom collects Users’ email addresses, names, Selfies and Photos provided by the Users when opening an Account and using the Services. These information are mandatory for the creation of the Account and provision of the Services


Data collected by Uraniom are collected, processed and stored in accordance with applicable legal provisions, including the provisions of the GDPR.


Personal data collected from Users located within the European Union are mainly stored on servers located within the European Union and, when applicable, on servers located in the United States pertaining to a company that abides by the Privacy Shield. Excluding these few occurrences, Uraniom does not transfer Users’ personal data outside the European Union.


Uraniom is strongly committed to protecting Your personal data. Our Users must be assured that only Uraniom shall access the Photos or contact details provided when registering or using the Services. Uraniom undertakes to only use its Users’ personal data to allow the Application to operate. In particular, Uraniom does not transfer Users' data to third parties, sell their data and store their data once the Account has been closed.


Data privacy


Employees of Uraniom’s customer service might access Users’ personal data during the course of their communications with said Users, such as their last names, first names and contact details.


Technicians in charge of the upkeep of the Application may access Users’ personal data as well. Access to Users’ personal data is strictly restricted to those specific situations where said access is mandatory to fix an issue in the Application, or upon request of a User, when said User’s Account needs fixing.


Uraniom shall always do it best to limit access to data by its employees and secure data integrity and security.


Sharing data with Contacts


Uraniom allows Users to send their Animations to their Contacts through social networks they are members of. By sending these Animations, Users agree to the further processing and use of these data by their Contacts.


Data storage


The collected data are kept as long as the User's Account is open.

On the Account closing date, the data associated with the User's Account are deleted by Uraniom.


When a User has transmitted his/her data to a Contact, Uraniom cannot be held responsible for how the Contact makes use of the transferred data.


Data subjects’ rights


Users have a right to access, rectify, restrict, erase and transfer their personal data. For any matter related to data protection and privacy, Users can send an email at any time to the following address: .


In the event of any difficulty related to the management of personal data, any data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with any competent supervisory authority.


Users expressly acknowledge that once they have shared their Animations with a social network, an application, a third party website or a Contact, Uraniom is no longer responsible for the execution of the right to erase towards these third parties. Users must reach out to their Contacts and the applications’ publishers through which they have shared the Animations to exercise their rights of access, rectification and erasure.


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